Top Performing Non-Fungible Tokens in 2022

As the hype of NFTs roles around the world, the number of market participants is increasing insanely.

This drives us to keep the track of NFT markets and bring out the possible best-performing tokens for investment.

The performance tracking of NFTs is based on type and category, issuance authority or individual. These are fundamental factors that ensure the skyrocketing demand and prices of NFTs.

Apart from fundamental factors, the changes in the crypto market and the emergence of coins does affect the technical aspect of the NFT marketplace.

Here is the list of the top trendy and best performing Non Fungible tokens for this year :

The Merge the-merge-nft

The digital artist Pak launched its NFT called “The Merge” which recorded tremendous demand due to its strong fundamental being an art token that too launched by a famous personality.

The token was launched on nifty gateway over an open auction.

High volumes of trade lead it to trade of USD 91.8 million while having 28,983 collectors standing at 312,686 total units.

The auction was held for two days from 2nd December 2021 to 4th December 2021 and ended on high notes.

The units price at base stood at USD 575 which saw an extensive increase of USD 25 every six hours.

With this large division and buying prospects over the market, “The Merge” has emerged as the best performing NFT.

Everydays : The First 5000 DaysEverydays_the_First_5000_Days

Mike Winkelmann the person among the top three valued artists of the world is the curator of this Everydays : The First 5000 Days.

He is popularly known as beeple and extensively launched many NFTs to the market with high bids.

Seems crazy of an image in JPG form sold as an NFT with such enormous responses.

The auction took place on 11th March 2021. The transaction took place at Ethereum blockchain in USD.

This artwork is a collection of daily art produced by beeple since 2007, and therefore gathered strong fundamentals leading to demand pressure in the market.

Due to such strong fundamentals, the selling price shot up to USD 69 million.

Human OneHuman-One

This NFT is a type of kinetic video sculpture with 4 screens on aluminium metal and a wooden frame. This artifact is physical as well as digital.

Who launched it ?

Just the matter of fundamentals again, this work is curated by the famous beeple.

The pricing ended at USD 28.9 million on 9th November 2021.

The high pricing was an indicator of the NFT being largely valued and best performing.

The token was sold on Ethereum blockchain with token standard ERC-721.

CryptoPunks #7523CryptoPunks #7523

Inspired by COVID 19, this non-fungible token gives out three attributes.

These three attributes are :

  • Earrings
  • Mask
  • Knitted cap

Cartoons or alien structures are represented by them.

This token has been listed in the list of top expensive NFTs in the world and therefore represents the strong wavelength of trend.

Launched on 23rd June 2017, the whole series of crypto punks was free initially on Ethereum blockchain but by the evolution of high pricing, the resale business on the NFT marketplace boomed the demand of these tokens.

The owner of this #7523 is larva labs. The token standard is ERC-20.

Not surprising but the fact that figures of 24 by 24 pixels sold for a lot of USD 11,754,000 make it look hyped beyond the level of imagination.

CryptoPunk #3100CryptoPunk__3100

Cryptopunk #3100 is a part of a series started in 2017 with 10,000 punks.

The aliens like structures in pixels.

This  NFT  relies on token standard ERC-721. The trading and listing work via Ethereum blockchain.

The reason why it has emerged as a top-performing digital asset is due to its variety and unique designs with accessories.

CryptoPunk #3100 was purchased on 11th March 2021 for 4,200 ETH which is approximately USD 7,584,485.82.

This can be further detailed as it broke records of its own series token crypto punk #7804.

The deal selling for this punk was valued at USD 7.67 million.

Cryptopunk #7804Cryptopunk #7804

This is another creation of aliens having caps and dark glasses with smoking pipes as a series of punks.

This crypto punk 7804 is relatively priced much higher than other NFT pixels art.

The NFT performed exceptionally well and was about to compete with its own companion crypto punk 3100 having a trigger of 4,200 ETH in March 2021.

This shows the strong position of this NFT in the marketplace with streamlined demand.

The token was valued at USD 7,566,173.88 at the time of sale.

Isn’t it huge?

Exactly this is how best performing NFTs can grow your pocket to a heavy one.


This NFT crossroads is one of the most controversial yet high valued tokens.

Why controversial ?

Based on political scenarios of United States, famous artist beeple created two forms of this artwork probably explaining the scene when Donald Trump would win and other possibilities of him losing in 2020.

It was valued at a huge sum of USD 6.6 million. This Non-fungible token was traded on Nifty Gateway.

A Coin For The FerrymanA Coin For The Ferryman

The unique GIF structure of this NFT made it a hype among all the other NFTs.

The NFT was launched in 2018 whereas sold at its peak in November 2020. The valuation of “A Coin For The Ferryman” stands at USD 6.06 million.

The NFT is inspired by a famous novel titled by the name of NFT only.

The token standard for “A Coin For The Ferryman” is ERC-721 and it works over Ethereum blockchain.

Ocean FrontOcean Front

The beeple work that never fails to give out themes uses climate change as the niche for this “Ocean Front” NFT.

The NFT was valued at USD 6 million in the NFT marketplace in relation to the starting bid of USD 2.77 million.

Seeming to be a part of “Everydays : The First 5000 Days”, this NFT gained much attention.

The news was still fresh when beeple announced the proceeds towards charity and therefore added more golden stars to his popularity.

This builds fundamentals for his future work and pricing factors.

Bottom line

Talking about the top performance of these above mentioned NFT, we can notice the high volatility and immense craze of crypto by-products in the market.

Considering the craze, the list of best changes frequently depends upon increasingly large numbers of new Non-fungible tokens coming up every day.

Sure short fact is that future beholds alot on Non-fungible tokens as assets more than gold biding era of lifestyle.

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