Things of BoB Credit Card One Must Need To Know

There must be few people who do not know about the Bank of Baroda (BoB) and call themselves financially literate in India. Go from south to north and east to west, you will get to see BoB everywhere in India. Furthermore, it also has many overseas branches located in the Middle East, China, Australia, Africa, and other places.

BoB offers a vast range of credit cards in India besides offering regular money, loan, and other facilities.

Despite having a good range, their credit cards are not that much famous among the public like other plates of SBI, HDFC, ICICI, Standard Chartered, RBL, Axis bank. They are some of the big players in the credit card market in India.

Bank of Baroda offers credit cards in India through its subsidiary company called BOB financial solutions Limited. The company is also known as BOB cards limited and is registered under NBFC. BoB holds 100 shares in the company and provides various types of loan and credit card facility to the general public.

The credit card offers are best suited for online and offline purchase, traveling, hotel stay and more.

The cards are loaded with special benefits such as high rewards points, minimum processing fees on EMIs, low annual charges, fast complaint resolution and much more.

Let’s have a look at various credit cards and their features offered by BoB.

BoB Premier Credit Card

Types of BOB Credit Card

Special Features 

  1. Get 2,000 reward points when you follow some basic terms and conditions. These are called welcome benefits available for users making some initial purchase with their credit card.
  1. Four complimentary lounge access at any of the designated domestic airports. For details of the airports visit the official website of BoB credit card division or call customer care service team.
  1. Benefits on fuel surcharge across all the petrol pumps across India that accepts card payment mode.  You get Benefits on fuel surcharge from transactions between Rs 500 to Rs 4,000.
  1. Reward points on every 100 rupees spent on making a purchase.

Whether you do it online or offline, BoB gives 2 rewards points every time. Reward points earning increase 10 times when you do international purchases.

  1. Option to convert your credit card purchases into easy EMIs based on your preference.
  1. Other features include built-in personal accidental insurance, multiple bill payment options, zero lost card liability benefits (when loss of the card is reported immediately), the option to get 3 add-on credit cards and many more.


Eligibility Criteria 

  • Valid residential and identity proof.
  • Accounts with BoB or any other banks (Required but not mandatory).
  • Sound financial background (Minimum 60,000 per month earning from reliable sources).
  • No criminal cases especially related to financial transactions.
  • Good credit score.
  • Minimum age is 18 and Maximum age is 65.


Important Fees

  • Joining fee : Rs 1,000 that is reversible when you purchase up to Rs 10,000 within 60 days of the card issuance.
  • Cash withdrawal charges : 2.25 % (Minimum Rs 200) at domestic ATMs and 3 % (Minimum Rs 250) at International ATMs.
  • Annual fee :  Rs 1,000 that is reversible when you spend Rs 1,20,000 within 60 days.
  • Duplicate bill : Rs 25
  • Card replacement : Rs 100
  • Exceeding Credit Limit Charges : 1%
  • Limit enhancement fee : Nil

For more details on fees, refer to the documents received with your credit card.


Bank of Baroda Select Credit Card

Bob Select Credit Card

Special Features

  1. Option to redeem earned reward points through cashback and other ways. Under the cashback option, the earned amount gets credited in your credit for further adjustment with the total bill amount.
  1. Flexibility to convert EMIs of 6 to 12 months on any purchase above Rs 2,500.00 . 
  1. Fuel surcharge waiver facility at all petrol pumps spread across India with some terms and conditions.
  1. 5x reward points on spending at departmental stores, movies, grocery stores, and others (Minimum spend of Rs 100).
  1. Annual fee waiver option on spending Rs 7,500 in 6 months as well Rs 70,000 spending in a year.
  1. Add on credit card facility up to maximum of 3 for closer family members like parents, siblings, spouse or others.


Eligibility Criteria 

  • Minimum age is 18 and Maximum age is 65 years.
  • Good source of income in the form of salary or self employment.
  • Minimum Gross Salary Rs 25,000 annually.
  • Other document proof like income proof, identity proofs, residence proof, PAN card, and others.


Important Fees

  • Joining fee : Rs 750
  • Annual Fee : Rs 750
  • Card replacement charge : Rs 100
  • Over limit charge : 1% over and above the sanctioned credit limit per month.
  • Other charges : Pay payment fee and foreign currency transaction fee.


Bank Of Baroda Easy Credit Card

 This is a lower range credit card made for people who cannot afford high-income criteria for other credit cards.

BoB Easy Credit Card

Special Features 

  1. You may get a maximum of 5 reward points on every spent of Rs 100 and more. 5x reward points when you purchase at departmental stores, movies, theaters, and groceries.
  1. No Fuel surcharge on all the petrol pumps in India when you make fuel spends between Rs 400 to Rs 5,000.
  1. Insurance coverage of up to Rs 15 lakh in case of air accident and up to Rs 5 lakh in other accident.
  1. Annual fee waiver option on spending Rs 50,000 in a year.
  1. Free add-on cards up to 3 of close family members.
  1. 5 % cashback option on credit card bill payments.
  1. Convert any purchase over Rs 2,500 into EMIs between 6 to 12 months tenure.


Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum age is 18 and Maximum age is 65.
  • Minimum income Rs 4 lakh per annum from salaries or self-employment.
  • Documents related to residence, income, identity, and others.


Important Fees 

  • First-year fee : Rs 500
  • Annual fee : Rs 1,000
  • Finance charge : 3.49 % P.M
  • Cheque return charge : Minimum Rs 300 | 2% of the amount
  • Unblocking Charge : Rs 300
  • Late payment charges : Varies on total payment due amount


Bank Of Baroda Prime Credit Card

As the name itself suggest, it is one of the prime offerings from the Bank of Baroda. It has many special features that make it a highly sought-after credit card in the market.

BoB Prime Credit Card

Special Features

  1. No income proof is required if you make a fixed deposit of Rs 15,000 or more with the Bank of Baroda. Open a fixed account up to the limit or beyond that and you can get a guaranteed prime credit card.
  1. Earning four reward points on every Rs 100 spent.
  1. The applicant does not require making any joining fee or annual fee for the first year. Please ensure to close the credit card within the first year if not required else you will be charged an annual fee from the second year onwards.
  1. Fuel surcharge waiver facility while fueling at vast networks of petrol pumps within the range of Rs 400 to Rs 5,000.
  1. Multiple options to redeem the rewards points. You need to call customer care or log in to the online account for redeeming the reward points.
  1. Smart EMIs option on any purchase beyond Rs 2,500 with a tenure range of 6 months to 12 months.
  1. In-built personal accidental death insurance cover for the cardholders. Your nominees get the insured amount in case of accidental death.
  1. Flexibility to take 3 more add-on cards for close family members without stringent document requirements.
  1. No need to make any liability fee in case of card loss. You require to inform the bank immediately after the loss.


Important Fees

  • Joining fee : Nil
  • Annual fee : Nil
  • Late payment charge : Varies based on the total due amount.
  • Other charges : Please refer to the card documents for more information.


How To Apply For BoB Credit Card

You have multiple ways to apply for a BoB credit card. Your application gets accepted or rejected, based on various parameters. Here are the ways :

  1. Apply Online : Visit the official website of the BoB credit card division which is

On the home page , go to “looking for a card” option. Click on that and you will get all the credit card details offered by the bank. Based on your preference and requirement choose the card and go down on the page.

There you will get an option as “Apply now”. Click on that and fill the form along with attaching the required documents.

Within one week, you will get a call, email, or message from the bank regarding your credit card application. Bank may ask for the additional documents.

They also take some time for verification and afterward, your credit card will be delivered to your provided address through an insured courier or speed post.

  1. By calling customer care number : Call the customer care number and let them know about your liking for having a BoB credit card. They will ask for some basic information and later your request will be forwarded to the marking divisions. The marketing executives will contact you for further processing of the credit card.
  1. By banks branch visit : You can also visit any of the BoB branches for applying for the card physically. Please note that every branch does not offer a credit card application facility.
  1. By third-party service provider : Various authorized agencies offer application help for BoB credit cards. They work as an intermediary between you and the banks.

You require to be 100 percent sure about the genuineness of the third-party service provider. Do not hand over your documents to any sources without cross-checking their creditability. However, if you are sure about them, you can apply through those businesses for a BoB credit card.


Lists Of Valid Documents For Credit Card Application

As you must have noticed that documents are the basic requirement for any credit card application acceptance. Most financial institutions including BoB ask for these documents for processing credit card applications. This is the list of valid documents category-wise :

Required documents for Bob Credit Card

  1. Income proof : Bank statements for the last 3 months, Form 16, Salary slip for minimum 3 months, Audited financial report for at least 2 years (for self-employed).
  2. Residence proof : Passport, Aadhaar card, Utility bill copy like electricity, water, broadband, postpaid connection, etc. (Not more than 3 months old), Any other identity proof approved by the government like Rashan Card, MGNAREGA card, Post office passbook with photo, Bank passbook with photo, Voter id, government employee id proof with address etc.
  3. Identity proof : Pan card, driving license, Aadhaar card, Passport, Voter card, and any other identity proof approved by the government.


Tips On Making The Most Use Of BoB Credit Card

Getting a credit card is not enough, you have to learn ways to make it useful. There is no doubt, any credit card including BoB credit card offers 50 to 70 days credit facility without any interest charges. But you will not make good of the card, when you do not have ideas to make it useful.

  1. Always think before making any purchase. You do not have to pay immediately, it does not mean, you keep on spending. You have to pay the bill in the next few months. Plan your finance well and do not go on overspending, otherwise, banks will charge huge amount of fees on your credit card.
  1. Make a habit of doing full and final payments every month. There is an option to pay only due amount but you will incur interest on the whole amount. So if you have Rs 10,000 due make payment for the whole amount. Even if you made a payment for Rs 5,000 the bank will charge interest on the entire amount.
  1. Keep looking for ways to earn reward points and cashback. Wait for the festival offers to avail your credit card. This way you get additional benefits of 1 to 10 percent on every purchase.
  1. Do not let your reward point expire. Keep a watch on the points and redeem them within the timeframe.
  1. Always keep the card with yourself and report the banks in case of loss immediately.

Sharing card number, pin, CVV number, and expiry date with anyone is a risky affair and you should always avoid that.

  1. Read the terms and conditions of your credit card closely. As you have read, if you purchase up to a certain limit, banks waive off the joining fee or annual fee. You may try to abide by those terms for better benefits.
  1. Keep the customer care number handy and call them for any issues with the card immediately.
  1. Give detailed information about the BoB credit card to your family members. Most of the cards is having some added benefits like accidental insurance converge. So if your family is aware of that clause, then only they can avail of this facility in case of accidental death.


Ways To Make BoB Credit Card Bill Payment

Just like any other credit card provider in India, BoB too offers multiple convenient ways to make credit card payments online and offline.

  1. Cash payment : There are approx. 8192 branches of BoB spread across India. All these branches have a core banking facility and you can make payments from these branches. Visit the branch and fill the credit card payment or deposit slip and submit it to the counter clerk.

Please ensure to enter the correct 16 digit credit card number on the form. Pay the amount and get an acknowledgment slip. Your amount will be deposited into your credit card instantly or a maximum of up to 24 hours.

Keep the reference or acknowledgment slip unless the amount has not been reflected on your credit card. Do not forget to ask for any cash payment charges as many credit card providers like HDFC charge some nominal fee for making cash payments.

  1. Cheque payment : Just like the cash option, fill the deposit slip and attach your cheque duly filled and signed by you.

You must write a 16 digit card number on the backside of the cheque. Also ensure that the BoB account number, credit card number, card holder’s name, and contact number are written on the cheque. You can drop this at any of the cheque drop boxes located inside the BoB ATM or branches.

  1. National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) : You can use this option if you have mobile banking and internet banking. If you do not have an account with BoB, these options will suit you.

Visit your bank branch and fill the NEFT form in favor of the Bank of Baroda Colaba branch with IFSC- BARB0COLABA. Enter credit card number as an account number. You may also use this option from your internet banking or mobile banking account.

  1. Third-party payment gateway : Bill desk, PayU money, and others provide the option to make a credit card payment for BoB. The bank allots an online id for making payment through NEFT.
  1. Online payment through UPI, debit card, and other options : You can make use of a platform like Paytm, phone pay, Google pay and other for making such payment.

This is one of the best convenient ways for bob credit card payment. You can save your credit card on this application and after that there will be no need to enter a credit card again and again.

Please note when you make BoB credit card payment through these third party options, it might take a maximum of 4 days to reflect in your credit card.

  1. Auto Debit :  Most of the banks including Bob provides the auto-debit facility.

This facility gives a stress-free credit card payment without the need to keep the due date remembers. Visit your bank branch or contact the customer care team. You will be asked to fill an auto-debit form with a credit card, payment date, and other important information. Once your account number and credit card gets linked, the total due amount will be deducted from an account based on the instructions.


FaQs On BoB Credit Card

How can I check my credit card application status?

BoB offers three ways to get the application status of your credit card.

Visit the official websites and look for the credit card section. Under the section, scroll down and you will get the “Track your application” option. Fill in the application reference number and that’s it. You will get the status as accepted, rejected, in process, additional documents required etc.

You may also know the status by calling the customer care number or sending an email to them. You may also write a letter to the customer care address. Alternatively, visit the branch and request the application status.


What are the customer care contact details for the BoB credit card?

You can call, email, or send an SMS to the customer care team for complaints, feedbacks, inquiries, and other work.

Customer care number : 1800-223-224 (The team is not available on public holidays, 2nd and 4th Saturday).

Call on 1800-225-100 for card loss reporting. This number remains active 24 x 7.

Email Id : [email protected]

Address : BoB Cards Limited
2nd Floor, Baroda House,
Behind Dewan Shopping Center,
S. V. Road, Jogeshwari West, Mumbai – 400102


Final Word

The credit card market is not old in India and going by the studies, a large percentage of people are still without any credit card. If you are looking for one or want to have the additional one, surely try any of the BoB credit cards. Hopefully, the provided information will guide you in making the right choice.


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